First Aid

                        Below are the names, dates, times and location of the

                         First Aid Training that will be run by the Red Cross.

                   Tuesday                                                              Tuesday

           4th March, 2014                                                 18th March, 2014

          6.30pm  - 9.30pm                                              6.30pm  - 9.30pm

            Church Hall                                                         Church Hall

   1       Bill Stanton                                                           Helen Greig

   2       Betty Stanton                                                       Angela McGroarty

   3       Kris Gromek                                                        Alex Morrison

   4       Maureen Gromek                                                Willie Baird

   5      Hazel Gunning                                                      Marian Haddy

   6      Rose Martin                                                          Marilyn Sangster

   7       Hazel Armstrong                                          

   8       Sadie Dickson                                                     Nancy Fisher

   9       Frances Caullay                                                  Anne Paterson

 10       Anne Wright                                                        Trisha Campbell