Amulree - 10 October

An hour after leaving East Kilbride for their latest walks, St Leonards Ramblers were enjoying their morning break at the Crieff Visitor Centre. Suitably fed and watered, they continued further north to Amulree which sits astride the River Braan, a tributary of the River Tay. Here everyone disembarked to begin their walks, both of which would take a circular route to finish back in Amulree.

The high group set of first in a westerly direction towards Loch Freuchie. On reaching Wester Kinloch they turned right and began their steady climb up Creag Bheag reaching some 1900 feet before veering anti clockwise and downhill towards Turrerich sitting at the head of Loch Freuchie. From here they continued south eastwards along the northern shore path of the loch and onwards until reaching the awaiting coach at Amulree.

Following on behind the high walkers, the low group by-passed Wester Kinloch and continued along the northern length of Loch Freuchie at the head of which they swung left through Turrerich, stopping for lunch on the bridge over the River Quaich which flows into the Loch.  After lunch and a group photo, they continued along the southern shore of the loch and beyond until they too reached Amulree a few minutes after their companions. Both groups had completed over 8 miles.

After changing out of walking gear, the short trip back down to Crieff  allowed the ramblers to enjoy some  social time before the journey back to East Kilbride.