Langholm - 28 February

St Leonards Ramblers ventured into new territory for their latest walks when they set off for the Border town of Langholm.  A morning stop in Moffat set the walkers up for the remainder of the trip south and for their upcoming treks.  

For the high walkers, this meant starting at the northern end of Langholm and finishing back in the town after a 9-10 mile anti clockwise circular route which saw them take in a crossing of the Tarras Water and a climb to the top of Whita Hill overlooking their destination.

The low walkers meantime had started a couple of miles south of Langholm and followed a similar but different route of 7-8 miles again finishing in Langholm but without climbing Whita Hill.

Although very windy and overcast, the weather stayed dry during the walks and remained that way throughout the enjoyable social stop in the town. This was not to last for the journey home however with the coach driver facing atrocious weather for most of the trip back to East Kilbride.