Countryside Access Code


      In 2004, “Access to the Countryside Legislation” was passed in the Scottish

       Parliament. This makes access to the countryside a right of every member

       of the community, including the right to walk on private land, providing  this right

       is exercised responsibly. As a club, we are committed to exercise this right in a              

       responsible manner.

       We expect club members to adhere to this Outdoor Access Code which provides guidelines for        walkers, etc to follow.


1.  Enjoy the countryside and respect its life and work.

2.  Guard against all risk of fire.

3. Leave gates and property as you find them.

4. Keep your dogs under close control

5. Keep to public paths across farmland

6.  Use gates and stiles to cross fences, hedges and walls.

7.  Leave livestock, crops and machinery alone.

8. Take your litter home.

9.  Help to keep all water clean.

10. Protect wildlife, plants and trees.

11. Take special care on country roads.

12. Make no unnecessary noise.

 The Country Code

Take only memories and photographs  

Leave only footprints

Safety Rules

          Do not walk in front of the group leader without prior permission.

            Do not walk behind the back marker without prior permission.

                                     The Whistle Safety Code:

                                                  STOP    -    1 whistle blast

                                                 START   -   2 whistle blasts

                                       EMERGENCY    -    Repeated whistle blasts