1.  Bus bookings should normally be made from 7.30pm on booking-on nights.

        2.  Only club members may book on before 7.40pm.

        3.  Members may book for themselves and one other person.

        4.  Visitors may book on if seats are available after all club members, who wish to, have booked on, but not before 7.40pm.

        5.  Telephone booking can be taken after booking-on nights.  Contact :  Mary, Bus Convenor - 0141-637-7014

        6.  Seats are not transferable.

        7.  Contact the Bus Convenor if unable to travel.

        8.  No smoking or consumption of alcohol will be permitted on the bus.

        9.  There will be a maximum of two walking groups per outing.

Booking-On Routine

A. The doors normally open at around  07.00pm.

B. On arrival, write your name down on the booking-on sheet which normally lies at the left of the door. This list will     determine the order of people called, to pay and confirm their booking. Each person must sign-on PERSONALLY.

C. Visitors put their names down on the Visitors List.

D. During the 30 minutes between the doors opening and the actual booking-on, there will usually be a slide show of photos     from the previous walk(s). This will be followed by a talk by the leaders and a showing of the routes of the High & Low     walks on a O.S. Map projected on the screen.

E. At 07.30pm, the names will be called out, in order of arrival, to book-on and pay for their place on the bus.  Each member     may book-on one other person who’s name will be put on the supplementary list and added to the main list when every     member in the hall has booked-on.

F. When all the members have booked-on then visitors may take up any empty seats.


Notice of cancellation should be given as soon possible to allow people on the waiting list a chance to take that place.

There will be no refunds.

If a booking is made by phone and cancelled, the person making the booking will still be expected to pay the full cost of the outing.


To ensure the smooth operation of the club, seats on the bus will be guaranteed for working committee members (who have duties on the day) and the walk leaders and backmarkers for the current walk.

If required the Committee will amend the procedure to meet changing circumstances.