First stop for St Leonards Ramblers on their latest outing was for morning tea/coffee etc. at a popular Garden Centre near Dalkeith.


 Later, the coach took everyone further south to just beyond Carlops where the High walkers were dropped off to begin their 7 ½ mile walk. The low walkers continued on the coach to begin their  6 mile walk at West Linton Golf Club. This was to take them north, in deep snow up the lower slopes of Faw Mount to the dam at the foot of Baddinsgill Reservoir. Crossing the foot of the dam, they returned via Wakefield to their starting point where, after changing, they enjoyed the hospitality of the Golf Club. During their walk,  the High walkers had caught up and overtaken them, to make their way beyond the reservoir to the slopes of Muckle Knock before they too returned to the West Linton Golf Clubhouse for refreshments.

 On the return journey, a second stop was made at the Garden Centre for some retail therapy or further refreshment in a nearby hostelry.

West Linton Circle - 31 January