Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2014

Tuesday 25th November.

The meeting, attended by 64 members, was opened at 7.50 and chaired by Kris Gromek.  

He began by thanking everyone for coming to the AGM and reminded them that only members were entitled to contribute or vote. He then said that Angela McGroarty had offered to record the minutes of the meeting.  He then thanked Hazel Gunning for contributing the raffle prize which raised £149.

The minutes of the previous AGM, held on Tuesday 26th November 2013 had been emailed to the members and Kris apologised for their lateness in being distributed and circulated this evening. Kris verified that everyone had read them and invited their adoption as a correct record.

Their adoption was proposed by Jan Palmer and seconded by Margaret McGregor.

Kris then outlined the Agenda, saying there would be time for questions after each report.


Copies of the accounts for the year to 31st October 2014 which had been audited by Jim McGuckien had been circulated.  Mary took the members through each item of the Income and Expenditure, explaining the changes to the layout and the breakdown of the miscellaneous expenditure. She also commented on the expenditure for the Web page, paid every three months, and the ongoing rent.  A round of applause was given to Mary.  

Kris invited any questions for Mary and there was none.


Sadie’s work throughout the year has consisted of dealing with routine correspondence and so there was nothing of substance to report.  She also stated that currently, the Club had a membership of 83 and two honourees.

There were no questions for Sadie.


Michael began by commenting that this year we had two sails which were in Cumbria and Millport. We also had a walk to St Andrew’s Abbey. With our walks form Glen Coe to Arbroath we are spreading them out quite a bit. Michael asked for any feedback at this point.

He also commented that currently we had 17 members on the Reccie Committee but required more volunteers. Michael also stated that so far there had been no Compass and GPS training done but he did say the Carl Saez has now been using his GPS very successfully.  

With seven or eight new and some old walks, not done for some years, all walks were completed.  One of the new walks was on the Isle of Bute.  

At this point he acknowledged the work of the Reccie Committee and the Weather Gods. He also commented on the wettest walk ever which was to Arbroath.

There were no questions for Michael. Kris thanked Michael.


Helen requested if the members please phone her on her landline as she has an answer machine. She had nothing else to report.  

There no questions for her.


Bill began by commenting that we are remaining with Parks.  Compared to last year Parks was the cheapest at £335. He praised the driving of Arthur saying how steady, safe and reliable he was.  

Bill said there were no problems and asked for any feedback.  Bob Sawers commented that the change to John Wright’s Sports Centre had been a great success.


Kris began by saying that members should feel free to interupt at any time to ask questions. He continued by thanking members of both committees for all their work as the club could simply not run without it.  He stated that this was a genuine thanks and not a routine one . He also thanked non committee members who helped in any way. In particular he thanked those who submitted ideas for walks singling out Bob. Lastly, Kris stated, we owed a great debt of gratitude to our driver, Arthur, who makes our trips much better.

Membership - The cost of membership has stayed at £12 this year. The membership is as the Secretary stated with a small waiting list. 4 members who joined at the end of August were given half price membership

Buses - We averaged 43.3 passengers per bus (this was 44 last year) which is less than half of our membership per walk. He said we should encourage our members to walk more often.

GPS – They are still not being used enough and we will continue with training.

Mobile phones – There are three new phones, purchased this year, which is one for each walk and one for the driver.

Number of walks - Kris reported that a total of 1029 members had participated making an average of 42.9 per walk. When visitors were included that became 1038 walkers an average of 43.3. The high walk covered 3709 miles with a height of 67.7 miles with the low walkers covering 3911.5 miles and a height of 52.7 miles.  7620 miles would take us to OREGON, USA. Kris also informed the meeting that having completed 20 walks put, Jack Lemon in 3rd place, with Beatrice Downes and Davie Young in 2nd place with 21 walks and Jim Downes and Willie Baird in 1st place with 22 walks.  There is no prize just PRIDE. Well done to them all.

Cost of bus – Kris stated that the cost of the bus, this year, will be £10.  This will finance our new policy that leaders and backmarkers will travel free on the days they are on duty.

Highlights of the year – Kris stated he was unable to experience some of the highlights as he was working for the Commonwealth Games from April to August.

     December – our Christmas walk – Lowther Castle for coffee and scones then a 6 mile walk round the grounds with games on the way then onto Dalemain House for Christmas dinner. There were two complaints because the group was split into two for dinner but overall it was a great day with a late finish.

      February – Balerno to Flotterstone – high walk had beautiful views above the snow line on Carnethy Hill.

      May – Our Annual holiday to Mayrhofen in Austria. Thanks to Bob for arranging the walks and giving Kris lots of advice about the area. Kris also commented that the hotel was exceptional.

     June – The Pilgrim Path to St Andrews was a great walk but was sorry that not many were on the guided tour.

     August – While the Low walkers did the popular Moulin to Killiecrankie walk, the High walkers tackled Ben Vrackie (our annual mountain) which proved to be a tough cross country hike.

     September - Weekend in the Yorkshire Dales. On Friday - 3 mile walk from Clapham to Ingleborough Cave with a tour of the cave then onto the Best Western Cedar Court Hotel. On Saturday we walked from Haworth to Bronte Bridge and Top Farm (Wuthering Heights). On Sunday we visited Saltaire Village for 2 hours then onto Bolton Abbey to Cross the stepping stones (only for the brave) and a 3 miles circular walk.. a truly great weekend.

     Fotki Photo Web Site – The photos are now being sent to 104 members and friends. Last year it was 87.  Are there more e-mail requests?

     Web Site – This is now up and running with still a few wee problems but they will be ironed out soon.

     Grants – We will apply for Lottery and Council Grants for next year.

Kris then invited any questions. There was none.


A) The meeting was given the option of electing each committee member individually or as the whole committee desire to serve another year, they could be re-elected en block.  The later was unanimous and the following were re-elected:-

Kris Gromek, Bill Stanton, Michael Martin, Mary Gallagher, Jim Downes, Helen Greig, Hazel Gunning, Sadie Dickson, Angela McGroarty.

B) The following members put themselves forward to serve on the Reccie Committee:-

Hazel Armstrong, Cathy McPherson, Kris Gromek, Willie Baird, Hazel Gunning, Carl Saez, Jack Lemon, Helen Grieg, Angela McGroarty, Michael Martin, Jim Downes, Beatrice Downes, Davie Young, Bob Sawers, Mary Gallagher, Alex Morrison, Susan Dowds, Cathy McCann, Linda McAllister, Theresa Brady.

The date of the first meeting was confirmed as 11th January, 2015 at 7.00pm in St Leonards Church Hall.


1) 6th December – The Christmas Walk. This will be different from previous years with morning coffee, light lunch and “Miracle on 34th Street” with a 3 mile walk around Pitlochrie. Everyone to wear a Santa hat! Returning to EK via the Kelpies.

2) Next Year Walks – 7 new walks, 15 previous walks with lots of work for the Reccie Committee and as we rarely do an old walk within 2 or 3 years all the walks will have to be reccied. Once again thanks to everyone who suggested walks for next year. You will notice that most of the suggested walks have been used.

3) Madeira Holiday at the end of May.  Kris asked Bill for his input at this point. Bill announced that the bus is organised with 7 seven walks.  These comprise of three High, three Low and one shared. He confirmed the flight have been changed to leaving Glasgow at 10.15 arriving Madeira 14.20. Return flights have also been changed to leaving Madeira 15.05 arriving Glasgow 19.10.  Jim asked if the 6 months minimum before expiry date on passports still applied. Bill agreed with this and announced he will contact those who need to reapply for a new one.

4) Barbecue – No decision yet but the possibilities are 1. Cove in June 2. Fife Ness in August 3. Ettric Bay in August

5) Weekend Away – still to be decided.  We will try to keep to the date in the walks program.

6) 2 Sails this year – to Kerrera Island and to Rothesay.


Carl asked who were the leaders and backmarkers for the first walk of the New Year.  This was confirmed as Susan Dowds leading and Hazel Gunning Back marking for the High Walk and Jim and Beatrice Downes for the Low Walk.

One member asked if there were any possibility of signing for the walk on line.  Kris said he did not think that would work but leaving the money with someone in the hall would be acceptable.

Jim Downes told the members that with their new membership cards they could receive a 10% discount in Trespass and Tiso stores on all stock except sales.

The Everyday First Aid Course was attended by 17 members at a cost of £255. All who attended have now received their certificates.

There being no further business, Kris thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting with a reminder that the first committee meeting of the new Committee will be Sunday 30th November at Sadie’s house at 7.00pm.