Kerrera Island - 20 June

St Leonards Ramblers took the long road north to Oban for their latest walks though the journey had a welcome break for morning refreshments at the ever popular “Green Welly Stop” in Tyndrum.


On arrival in Oban, the coach swung south for the short trip along the coast to the landing strip for the ferry across to the Island of Kerrera where the walks were to take place. As each of the two small ferryboats could only carry between 6 and 10 passengers at a time, it was fortunate that the weather was dry though slightly overcast.


Once everyone was across, the groups began their anti clockwise circular route around the island with the High walkers setting off at a brisker pace than their low level companions. A short diversion to the ruined Gylen Castle made for an excellent lunch stop before continuing to the completion of the walks back at the ferry jetty. Returning to the mainland, the short coach trip was made back up to Oban where an enjoyable social hour was spent before the journey home to EK.